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  • Fidget Spinner Safety August 10, 2017
    Blog en español Fidget spinners have become extremely popular with people of all ages, including young children. Fidget spinners are typically designed with a center bearing with weights around the perimeter and are spun in a person’s hand. There are many different kinds of fidget spinners available in stores and online. In light of reported […]
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J Robert DavisAttorneys at the Law Offices of J. Robert Davis, P.C. are ready to help if you have been injured or suffered damages resulting from someone else’s negligence. Don’t let others take advantage of your misfortune. Protect yourself by hiring a Texas attorney with the Law Offices of J. Robert Davis, P.C.

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Some of the types of personal injury cases managed by our law firm include: Car accident injuries, truck accident injuries, ATV accident injuries, wrongful death cases, and drug side effect injuries. We have helped thousands of people from across the country  with all their personal injury cases. Let us help you with your case by contacting us today.

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