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Workplace Injury Lawsuits

Texas has big industry and that means we have a lot of workers doing jobs that have the potential to cause serious injuries or death when strict safety procedures, safety equipment and precautions are not provided or followed.

Some high risk workplaces where many Texas residents work include, construction sites, loading docks, warehouses, chemical plants, and oil rigs. Serious injuries can also result from working in administrative or less physically demanding positions. Debilitating back injuries, falling from high places, injuries from poorly maintained equipment, and injuries from a coworker’s negligence are potential hazards to employees in nearly any workplace.

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Jobsite injuries, workplace injuries, whether you work at a construction site, office building or oil refinery, injuries happen every day. Call them accidents if no one is to blame but that’s not always the case. Employers are required to maintain safe work environments and employees depend on safe equipment, practices and policies when they are at work. When employers fail to follow safety regulations and injuries result, you need an attorney to fight for you.

When a worker is entitled to workers compensation he usually cannot sue his employer for his injuries. However, in many cases a defective product or a negligent person, other than a co-worker or employer, may cause a worker’s injuries. In such a case, a worker may bring a separate claim for his injuries.

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