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San Antonio Rear-End Accident Attorney

Serious Rear-End Accident Lawyer in San Antonio, TX

Although rear-end accidents are the most commonly reported car accidents, they can be just as deadly as other types of crashes. In fact, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), over 28% of all reported car accidents are rear-end collisions, and these crashes result in the deaths of over 2000 people each year. Oftentimes, rear-end accidents in Texas happen in heavier traffic when the car behind is not being driven attentively. Although negligence isn’t necessarily always to blame, it’s often a leading factor in these types of accidents. If you or someone close to you was hurt because of a rear-end accident that somebody else caused, get in touch with the Law Offices of J. Robert Davis, P.C. today. Our experienced San Antonio rear-end accident attorney has the knowledge and resources you need to receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

Common Causes Of Rear-End Accidents in Texas

Major cities, like San Antonio, have an increased number of car accidents due to the population size and how close together the buildings are in comparison to other places. While there can be various reasons why a rear-end accident occurs, some of them are more frequent than others. The following list contains possible causes for this type of car crash:

Drivers Following Too Closely

Texas law enforcement stipulates that drivers must maintain a certain following distance for safety purposes. This is to allow adequate time (three to four seconds) for the driver behind them to either adjust their speed or come stop in case of an abrupt stop from the car ahead. However, this rule becomes even more essential during impairing weather conditions or periods of high traffic; under these circumstances, it can be increasingly difficult to come to stops in time and ultimately avoid car or truck accidents–especially if the vehicle ahead was going at high speeds.


If a driver is distracted, they might not notice that you’ve stopped at a stop light or sign. This is especially true if the other driver isn’t looking straight ahead and instead has their eyes to the left or right. If traffic has slowed down or come to a stop and the driver doesn’t realize it, there’s a greater chance they’ll drive into the back of the car in front of them.

Texting & Driving

In recent years, texting while driving has become more and more common, leading to increased instances of driver inattention. To combat this problem, Texas has passed strict laws forbidding any kind of text-based communication while operating a vehicle. If the driver who caused a rear-end collision is found to have been texting at the time of the accident, they will likely face even harsher consequences. If you believe you were injured by a careless driver that was texting, contact our San Antonio rear-end accident attorney right away.

Sudden Stops

Although it may seem as if you are to blame when your car abruptly stops and the cars behind you must adjust quickly, this is not always the case. If the trailing driver is not paying attention or prepared to stop, a rear-end collision is likely to occur. This cause of accidents often becomes murky as it can lead to a “he said she said” argument. That’s when an experienced San Antonio rear-en accident lawyer comes in handy so you don’t have to navigate these tricky legal waters alone.

Impaired Driving

Drinking and driving is a major issue on American roads, as drivers who choose to operate their vehicles while intoxicated cause countless collisions each year – many of which are severe or fatal. If you have been involved in an accident with a driver who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is important that you speak with a personal injury attorney who has represented similar serious cases in the past.

Common Injuries From Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end accidents are very dangerous and can cause unsuspecting victims to have lifelong injuries and mental trauma. Even though both drivers may be injured during the collision, it is often the stationary driver who has to endure more severe injuries. There are many different types of injuries that a rear-end accident can result in, but there are a few common ones that many victims will experience. These injuries not only have a significant effect on your health but also on how much your rear-end accident settlement could potentially be worth. To learn more about the potential payout for a rear-end collision, contact our rear-end accident lawyer in Boerne, TX.

Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is commonly referred to as the neck and shoulder pain one endures following a car accident where they are suddenly thrown forward. The vigorous movement causes damage to the spine beyond its regular motion, injuring tissues, disks, vertebrae, and ligaments in both areas. According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), 20% of all drivers involved in rear-ended accidents suffer from whiplash annually; out of those individuals, 80% feel discomfort and soreness for more than a week post-accident.

Back Injuries

When you are hit from behind while in your car, the force of the collision can severely damage your spine. The human spine is a delicate and fragile structure that isn’t able to withstand impacts as severe as those created by machines. A rear-end collision can have devastating consequences beyond just your car. These accidents often compress the spinal cord which leads to serious injuries in the discs, joints, and nerves of your back. The spine and neck are integral to our daily lives – alter them even slightly and it completely throws off our day-to-day existence. If you or a loved one has been impacted by an accident, speak with a San Antonio rear-end accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure you receive justice for all the pain and suffering endured.

Head & Face Injuries

Though many vehicles come with airbags that are meant to safeguard drivers and passengers in the event of a car accident, they aren’t foolproof. In fact, if you’re involved in a high-speed rear-end collision, a deployed airbag can cause severe injuries because of the velocity at which it hits.

Arm & Hand Injuries

Many rear-end collision victims have their arms extended and grasping the steering wheel when they’re hit. As a result, they often injure their shoulders, hands, wrists, and arm – sometimes severely. Though these might not sound as serious as other injuries initially, losing a full range of motion or experiencing continual pain in your appendages can make everyday activities difficult.

Seat Belt Injuries

Wearing seatbelts while driving is important for safety, but many people don’t know that they can also cause injuries. In a rear-end collision, your body gets thrown forward against the seatbelt at the moment of impact. This might stop you from hitting your face on the steering wheel, but it can also result in cuts from the seatbelt, bruises all over your body, or whiplash.

Rear-End Accident Statistics

As aforementioned, rear-end accidents are the most typical type of car accident, particularly in a densely populated city like San Antonio. Since victims don’t have time to react or brace for these collisions, they often result in more injuries. Victims of rear-end accidents usually don’t realize the collision is coming until it’s already too late. This often leads to more severe types of injuries, in which unsuspecting victims could have a valid case for filing personal injury claims. That’s why you should speak with an experienced San Antonio rear-end accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident occurs.

A new study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that rear-end accidents are responsible for more than 7% of all traffic-related fatalities. In addition, almost 20% of those fatalities involving two-vehicle collisions were rear-end accidents. Another statistical study recently published by The Washington Post found that over 1 million rear-end accidents occur in the US each year and 2,000+ of them result in wrongful death.

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