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Average ACL Injury Settlement Amount

Settlement Value For ACL Injuries

The human skeletal system is held together by ligaments, one of the most important being the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Located at our knee joints, three bones – namely; the tibia, femur, and patella – intersect in a shield-like formation. Consequently forming what we know as the kneecap. Any type of knee injury is serious, but an injury to one or both ACLs can mean a long road to recovery.

The knee joint is held together and stabilized by four ligaments – two collateral on either side of the knee, acting like walls to keep everything in place, and a pair of cruciate ligaments (the ACL & PCL) located inside that control back-and-forth movement. The ACL lies in front while the PCL sits behind it; they intersect at an X formation for ultimate stability. If you’ve been in a car accident that caused an ACL injury, you have a right to compensation. Contact the Law Offices of J. Robert Davis today for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help.

Factors That Affect the Settlement Value of an ACL Tear from a Wreck

Calculating the monetary settlements for ACL injuries due to car accidents can be tricky, as each case is unique. To determine how much compensation you are entitled to receive from your particular incident, we take into account a variety of factors including:

The Severity of Your ACL Injury

ACL injuries can range from an overextended but undamaged ligament to a partial tear of the tissue and all the way up to a full-blown rupture. The severity of your ACL tear is the biggest factor that will determine how much your ACL injury settlement will be worth.

Treatments You Had to Undergo for Your ACL Injury

By avoiding surgery and allowing your ACL to heal on its own, you can save significantly in medical expenses which will likely result in a lower dollar amount for your settlement. Conversely, heightened medical costs tend to lead to higher compensation amounts.

How Successful the Treatments Were in Treating Your ACL Injury

The knee is a complex joint, and thus proper recovery of function can be difficult for some people. Sadly, many go on to suffer from future injuries afterward too. Even if full mobility returns after healing and pain subsides, the risk of osteoarthritis in that area remains elevated compared to those who haven’t experienced an ACL tear before.

Complications From the Treatment of Your ACL Injury

When undergoing surgery, one should expect risks including infection and damage to surrounding tissue. Moreover, the prescribed pain medication can lead to an opiate dependency issue. Further exacerbating these concerns are costs for managing potential complications; such financial burdens can increase your total settlement demand.

Other Injuries You Sustained in the Wreck

Suffering an ACL tear requires a strong blow to the knee. This type of situation usually comes with other injuries at the same time, such as fractures. The severity and location of these additional wounds will heavily influence how much compensation you are entitled to in your ACL injury settlement.

Treatment For ACL Injuries

A successful ACL lawsuit will consider the degree of medical treatment that was necessary for your recovery, with settlement amounts increasing in conjunction with more intensive treatments. Once an ACL is ruptured it cannot be fixed without surgery – a fact that should always be taken into account when pursuing legal action.

In mild partial tears, a knee brace combined with physical rehabilitation can prove beneficial in the healing process. It is important to remember that without surgical intervention, even minor injuries cannot be restored back to its original state prior to the accident.

According to medical professionals, undergoing surgery is the only way to achieve full mobility of the knee. This process requires that your knee be reconstructed with tissue grafts in order for it to heal and rebuild itself around any implants used. Post-surgery rehabilitation can take months which means you will have a period of time away from normal activities – something that should be factored into settlements if you experience an ACL tear due to a motor vehicle accident. Usually, permanent injuries require more significant payouts than those with temporary damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Average Settlement Amount For An ACL Injury?

If you experience a torn ACL in the event of a car accident, your potential settlement value could be anywhere from $50,000 to over $200,000. This figure is usually much lower for workers’ comp cases due to their structure and regulations. Either way, it goes without saying that these are life-changing figures that can make all the difference when recovering physically and financially after trauma caused by an automobile incident.

If you sustained an ACL injury as a result of an accident, the long-term personal and financial repercussions can entitle you to receive substantial compensation. An average settlement for torn ACLs typically ranges from $150,000 up to $200,000 or more. Don’t let your suffering go unrecognized; ensure that justice is served by pursuing a fair knee injury settlements award!

ACL tears can set off an alarming chain reaction, potentially causing further knee damage over time. Not only that but other muscles and ligaments in the area may be at risk of tearing as well. In short, one simple tear could have long-term effects on your entire knee structure — it’s a crucial factor to take into account when assessing any torn ACL case.

What Impacts The Settlement Amount Of An ACL Injury Case?

The amount of money awarded in a case involving an ACL tear hinges upon the severity and type of injury that occurred. A sprain to either ligament is considered much less severe, so will result in significantly lower compensation than if there were a majorly torn ligament. Additionally, those who have gone through ACL reconstruction can expect higher settlements on average due to the intensive nature of this procedure.

How Common Are ACL Injuries In Car Accidents?

ACL injuries are very common in car accidents. In fact, knee injuries are frequent occurrences in collisions due to the knees being so vulnerable to sudden impact force. Traumatic accidents and physical exertion while playing sports are two of the prime causes of ACL tears.

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