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Top 10 Strongest Dog Bite Force

What Dog Has The Strongest Bite?

Dogs are one of the most common types of pets in the world. They’re popular throughout the world, with many nations recognizing them as the preferred house pet choice. We adore our canine friends, but we must recognize the risks involved in bringing any sort of pet into our homes. In this post, we’ll look at the top 10 strongest dog bite forces, and understand the science behind these rankings. The scientific technique that is used to quantify a dog’s bite force uses PSI. This list identifies the dogs with the strongest bite force based on PSI calculations. So, what dog has the strongest bite? Continue reading to learn more!

What Is PSI?

PSI stands for “Pounds per Square Inch” and is a unit of measurement that expresses the pressure released at any given point. PSI is a measured value of all the pressure applied over one square inch of a pound. Although PSI is used to measure the strongest dog bite, it’s also a very popular measurement used in many other instances that even some non-scientists can understand. For example, a tire. The typical tire pressure is about 32 PSI or pounds per square inch.

Bite force is generated by the interaction of the masticatory muscles, the mandibles and maxillae, the temporomandibular joints (TMJs), and the teeth. 

Top 10 Dog Breeds With Strongest Bite Force

10. Rottweiler

Believe it or not, the Rottweiler has a stronger bite force than the German Shepherd, Pit Bull, or Doberman Pinscher, according to statistics. It’s true that they barely cracked the top ten in terms of the overall ranking of strongest dog bites. However, Rottweilers are still a distant third among the three breeds (Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds) most commonly associated with having the strongest dog bite force in the dog world. They’re enormous and intimidating animals who can be dangerous (especially toward strangers) if not properly trained and socialized. This is also a clingy breed that may be similar to having a 100-pound baby when you leave the room. Rottweilers are popular pets, but you must be aware of their strength and provide quality training. The Rottweiler bite force measures 328 PSI.

9. Leonberger

The Leonberger is a German breed that originated in the city of Leonberg; hence, the name. They were developed to resemble lions, but in fact, these dogs appear more like cuddly teddy bears. Leonbergers are as mild-mannered as they are gorgeous! These giants are regarded for their playfulness, quick wits, and tolerance towards small children and the elderly. Families that have owned a Leonberger stated that this breed thrives in close-knit families and gets along well with other pets. They’re also quite sensitive, making them great therapy dogs.

Although the Leonberger breed has a huge heart,  it’s not advised to push this peaceful giant to the limit. When enraged, the Leonberger bite force measures 399 PSI. These dogs are also big chewers and loud barkers. Though they like kids, it is advisable to keep an eye on playtime with these dogs because their size might easily knock down a toddler.

8. Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino was bred in Argentina for the express purpose of developing a dog with tenacity for hunting as well as an unshakable dedication to defending its owner. It is descended from the Cordoba Fighting Dog, among other powerful breeds. The Dogo Argentino is a highly impressive breed that has one of the strongest dog bites. The Dogo Argentino bite force measures 500 PSI, on top of it’s lightning-quick reactions and a large build. Many people are terrified of these animals because they are fierce fighters with the ability to take on wild boars and buffalos.

It’s true that the Dogo Argentinos are naturally aggressive, but they don’t snap for no reason. These dogs may be a great addition to your family, a steadfast guardian, and an expert hunter who will bring you dinner if trained properly from an early age and socialized with people.

7. Dogo Canario

The Perro de Presa Canario, often known as Dogo Canario, is one of the most aggressive canines in the world. It has been connected to several fatal assaults to date. The Dogo Canario was a historic war dog that was also used in canine combat before it was banned in the 1940s. This large animal has a massive head and a hefty, rectangular body. The Dogo Canario bite force measures 540 PSI force; which can result in serious injury or even death from bleeding.

The Dogo Canario is still a very aggressive breed. As a result, this breed is prohibited in many countries, which comes as no surprise. The Dogo Canario is highly valued in its native country, however. They have shown to be exceptional guard dogs as well as a wonderful family member. Take note that this dog is not suited for the average family. They need a large yard to play in, continuous mental stimulation, and most of all, an unyielding Alpha. If your dog believes he is a greater Alpha than you, he will be more than ready to assume the position.

6. English Mastiff

The English Mastiff is frequently referred to as “the Mastiff” by most kennel clubs, so they’re often used as a reference for what a Mastiff-type dog should look like. This may be due to the fact that kennel associations began in England rather than any historical assertion of primacy by the breed, but it’s also because of World War I and II. The English Mastiff is a friendly, even-tempered dog that, while capable of injuring someone with its jaws, they are generally unwilling to do so. As a result, you won’t frequently see these dogs used by militaries or law enforcement agencies because they are rarely utilized as guard dogs due to their intimidating size alone. Still, you must be aware of any dog breed with a bite force of this caliber. The English Mastiff bite force measures 550 PSI.

5. Tosa Inu

The Tosa Inu, or Japanese Mastiff, is every bit as huge and intimidating as its relatives. However, whereas many other Mastiff-type dogs are boisterous and joyful, these dogs are quiet and watchful. Tosa Inus have balanced personalities overall but require a great deal of socialization and obedience training. You should focus on how they interact with other canines because they may be violent and irritable towards dogs that they see as threats to their families or belongings. You must be aware because the Tosa Inu bite force measures a staggering 555 PSI.

4. Dogue De Bordeaux

The oldest Molosser-type hail from Bordeaux, the city on France’s border with Spain. The Dogue De Bordeaux, also known as the French Mastiff and Bordeaux Mastiff, is a historic breed that dates all the way back to the 14th century. In order to preserve this line in future generations, fanciers made certain to maintain it pure.

These dogs have served a variety of purposes in the past. They pull carts, move hefty things, protect livestock, and watch over the nobility’s mansions. The Dogue De Bordeaux is best recognized for its laidback personality, snoring, and drooling excessively. These dogs are calm and quiet inside the house. In contrast to other mastiffs, they are also very tolerant of children. Although the Dogue De Bordeaux bite force is in the top 5 of the strongest dog bites, there’s no need for these dogs to demonstrate their bite strength of 560 PSI unless provoked.

3. Cane Corso

Italy’s most highly regarded canine is the Cane Corso, which comes in third for strongest dog bite force. This big and formidable dog is a direct descendant of ancient Roman great dogs. Dogs of this breed were formerly used as catch dogs in rural areas and as sentries and attack dogs by carters, night watchmen, and tax collectors. The distinctive feature of the Cane Corso is its huge and powerful head. It also has a bright short coat that can be either jet black or fawn in hue. The Cane Corso bite force measures 700 PSI, making it a fearless adversary to anyone who poses a danger to his owner.

Although the Cane Corso has a strong bite, once it shows a clear preference, it is obedient and loving to its family members. These dogs are rather bright and eager to learn, making them practically simple to educate. If you have pocket pets or have visitors at home frequently, their insatiable desire for food and overprotectiveness should be cause for concern.

2. American Bandogge

The Mastiff breeds (also known as the Bandog Mastiff) date back to England around the 13th century and are thought to be a mix of the Pit Bull Terrier and Neapolitan Mastiff. It’s likely that there’s additional DNA in there, with Bullenbeissers being one of the most frequently mentioned possibilities. The term comes from their being “banded up” — or chained – until they were required as guards or war dogs, giving them quite a horrible history. Despite the fact that they had an awful history, this might be an emotionally demanding breed, so don’t be shocked if you end up with a 125-pound lapdog on your hands. But be aware because the American Bandogge bite force measures 730 PSI.

1. Kangal

So, what dog has the strongest bite? Kangals are a Turkish breed of guard dog. They are recognized as the world’s most powerful dogs, and they hold the title of the strongest dog bite in the world. These dogs have been used as sheep protection guards against bigger predators such as wolves, jackals, and bears. Their loyalty, protectiveness, and gentleness towards children and other animals make them well-known. The Newfoundland is a breed that people find difficult to get close to due to its protective nature. This implies going for a walk with them might be a little stressful at times. It’s essential to begin socializing them when they’re young in order to keep them used to meeting new people, as with all dog breeds. Fortunately, this only enhances their amazing job while working with the police force or acting as a home protector.

The Kangal dog breed is one of the most powerful, having the ability to easily overcome any medium-sized predator in minutes due to their tremendous muscles and agility. They have a significant amount of strength, with bite force being the greatest pressure per square inch currently recorded. According to numerous research trials accessible, evidence suggests that the Kangal has the world’s strongest dog bite. The Kanagal bite force measures at a staggering 734 PSI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Stronger Bite Make A Dog More Dangerous?

It’s tempting to assume that this list would also serve as a ranking of the most dangerous dog breeds. After all, the harder a dog can bite, the more deadly it must be, right? Things aren’t so simple. While it is true that the breeds on this list have the strongest dog bite force and have the potential to inflict more harm with a bite than any breed not mentioned, there’s much more to it than that.

The majority of data on dog attacks are based on eyewitness accounts, which makes it highly unreliable. Also, the vast majority of reported dog bites are going to be severe in nature, so there are undoubtedly millions of instances of dog bites that go unreported each year. Mutts are the dogs most likely to kill or maim people, based on what we know. However, mutts are by far the most prevalent breed, so they aren’t necessarily more dangerous than purebred dogs. You must also consider the breeds that make up a mutt’s genetic background, as well as how they’re cared for and a slew of other factors.

The bottom line is that any dog may bite, and some dogs have a stronger bite force than others. In the abstract, it may appear to be true, but in reality, things are considerably more complicated. So, if you’re thinking about adopting a Kangal or American Bandogge puppy, go ahead. Just make sure you educate and socialize them properly.