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  • Top Toy Lists Start with Safety November 16, 2017
    Blog en español It’s holiday time and as a gift giver you may be receiving your child’s top toy wish list.  While buying the hottest and trendiest toys for your child may be the first thing that crosses your mind, CPSC wants to remind you that safety should always come first. Every year, CPSC receives […]
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Car Accident Lawyer San Antonio

Car accidents occur everyday on America’s freeways, highways and city streets. Even careful and cautious drivers who obey the rules of the road can be the victim of careless drivers. Road hazards, construction zones and vehicle mechanical failures can also result in even the best driver having an accident.

Automobile accidents resulting in serious bodily injury or death often occur on today’s busy roadways. All too often these accidents involve tractor-trailers or “18-wheelers”. Commonly, truck drivers involved in accidents have been found to be driving in violation of federal and state laws.

Car Accident Damages in San Antonio

Your insurance company, or the insurance company of another driver, may offer to pay for damages or injuries. Before you decide to accept payment from an insurance company, especially when serious medical injuries have occurred, please consult our San Antonio lawyers. There is no cost for this free case review and you might receive financial compensation for property damage and physical injuries.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in San Antonio

When you are involved in a car accident, even if the accident does not involve another car, please contact our attorneys for a free case review at 800-529-5072 right away. You may also complete the easy form located on this page.

Get expert legal help from a car accident lawyer – San Antonio.