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Aviation Accident Injuries

Aviation accidents are the result of pilot error or mechanical failure. Either way they are not your fault. But the fault of the aircraft manufacturer or the company maintaining the aircraft or the company providing the pilot.

Aviation Accident Lawyer San Antonio

Aircraft are a very convenient and common way of traveling today. Rotor aircraft are used by hospitals to transport critically injured victims so they may receive medical attention faster and for sightseeing tours. Commercial airplanes are a critical means of transportation worldwide.

Aviation accident injuries can be traumatic and stressful, but with the help of an experienced attorney we can help reduce the negative impact of the accident on your life.

Aviation Accident Lawyers in San Antonio Are Ready to Help

Attorneys at The Law Offices of J. Robert Davis are ready to help you if you or a family member has been injured in an aviation accident. When you complete the form on this page or call 800-529-5072, an experienced attorney will review your case at no charge.

Causes of Aviation Accidents

Some factors that contribute to aviation accidents include flying in poor weather conditions. In most aircraft transport operations, the pilot is the one who makes the final decision to fly, but often has pressure from responders on the ground. Even in the best flying conditions, aircraft have been known to crash due to poor aircraft maintenance, poor oversight of aircraft operators, and inadequate pilot training.

Lesser-known causes of action include turbulence related injuries. In some instances, an alert pilot can detect turbulence ahead in the flight path and either avoid it altogether or the passengers can be warned to buckle up to prevent serious injury.

Contact Aviation Accident Attorneys in San Antonio

Aviation injury claims often result from the tragic aftermath of plane crashes where the family of the victim brings wrongful death and survival actions. If you have suffered injuries from an aviation accident then contact attorneys at The Law Offices of J. Robert Davis P.C. today. A fast and free case review will determine if you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your injuries. Complete the Free Case Review form located on this page or call 800-529-5072 now. We look forward to working with you.