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clorox pine-sol class action law suit

Clorox Pine-Sol Class Action Law Suit

Class Action Law Suit Against Clorox Pine-Sol

In an unprecedented move, Clorox issued a voluntary recall of 37 million bottles of Pine-Sol from January 2021 to September 2022. As it turns out, “some” of these products have been exposed to the dangerous bacteria pseudomonas aeruginosa which can be incredibly harmful to those with weakened immune systems or external medical devices – posing “a risk of serious infection that may require medical treatment,” as per Consumer Product Safety Commission reports.

Eight varieties of Pine-Sol have been recalled, including the scented multi-surface cleaners (lavender clean, sparkling wave, and lemon fresh), CloroxPro’s all-purpose cleaners in lavender clean, sparkling wave, and lemon fresh smells as well as an orange energy scent from their professional line. Additionally, Clorox Professional issued a recall on their Lemon Fresh cleaner. If you purchased an affected Clorox product, contact our San Antonio personal injury attorney now for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you.

Harmful Effects Of Bacteria Found In Clorox Products

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a dangerous bacteria, particularly for those who suffer from pre-existing conditions. This bacteria has been linked to serious hospital infections such as pneumonia and sepsis. It poses an even greater risk of harm than other types of bacteria do.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a versatile bacteria that typically prey on impaired human tissues. If this bacterium accumulates inside the body, particularly in areas such as the lungs, urinary tract, kidneys, or other essential organs – the outcome can be deadly. This insidious bacteria thrives in moist environments, so it is commonly found on medical equipment such as catheters. This can cause cross-infections in hospitals and clinics which may necessitate the need to hire a personal injury attorney. Depending on the severity of an infection caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, legal action could be pursued separately from any other existing litigation connected with this dangerous bacterium.

Generally, insurance companies are not allowed to use a victim’s prior medical condition as an excuse for reducing or denying compensation. This concept is referred to as the eggshell skull rule: tortfeasors must accept victims in their existing state and cover all damages regardless of how fragile they may be. For example, if someone with a delicate constitution suffers severe trauma from just a minor fall due to their pre-existing health issues, then the tortfeasor is completely responsible for any harm caused. The same principle holds true across most other preexisting conditions too.

Hospital infections caused by medical negligence can be catastrophic, causing sepsis and other impending issues. These damages are typically composed of both economic losses (e.g., medical bills) and noneconomic ones (e.g., pain and suffering). As these detrimental effects may occur abruptly without warning, it is crucial that the surgical team remain alert in order to prevent bacterial exposure from transforming into colonization. We have already discussed these implications above.

When selecting a personal injury lawyer, consider the advantages of obtaining punitive damages in medical negligence cases—which become obtainable due to doctors’ high responsibility. As they say: The greater they are, the harder they fall. Punitive damage awards serve as an exemplary punishment and demonstrate that irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated by society.

Resolving Your Injury Claim For Damages

Negligence and product liability claims may differ in the details, but they often end with an out-of-court settlement that benefits victims. The tortuous trial process will normally take several long years to reach a conclusion – whereas settling outside of court is faster and more straightforward, usually taking only a few months. Furthermore, even if you win your case at trial, defendants can almost always appeal it; however, when you settle out of court it’s considered a final resolution as the defendant simply abandons their claim.

Highly-skilled mediators are adept at helping people come to a consensus. Typically, both sides accept the fundamentals such as bacteria causing illness is bad and doctors being careless is also not okay. The only areas of disagreement generally stem from specific liability or compensation points. But trained professionals know precisely how to shape broad agreements into more finely tuned contracts that all parties can agree on.

Those who have suffered an injury are due to be reimbursed for their losses. If you reside in Texas and need legal advice, look no further than the Law Offices of J. Robert Davis, P.C. Our experienced attorney will work with clients on a contingency basis, meaning there is never any upfront payment required. Schedule your free consultation today to get the justice you deserve.

Which Pine-Sol Products Were Recalled?

In response to inconsistencies in production, Clorox is recalling specific varieties of Pine-Sol products that were manufactured at its Forest Park, Georgia facility between January 2021 and September 2022.

  • Pine-Sol Scented Multi-Surface Cleaners in Lavender Clean, Sparkling Wave and Lemon Fresh
  • CloroxPro Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaners in Lavender Clean, Sparkling Wave, Lemon Fresh and Orange Energy
  • Clorox Professional Pine-Sol Lemon Fresh Cleaners 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns consumers of a recall on certain items in varying bottle sizes, specifically 28-, 48-, 60-, 100- 144- and 175 fluid ounces with “A4” date codes beginning less than 22249 digits.

The CPSC is cautioning customers to discontinue using the recently recalled Pine-Sol products that were sold on Amazon, as well as by major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club Kroger, and Dollar Tree. According to the lawsuit filed against these companies for selling tainted products containing ethanolamine compounds far exceeding acceptable levels of concentration in household cleaning solutions.

Contact Our Texas Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you’ve been affected by contaminated Clorox Pine-Sol, you may have a right to compensation. Don’t be a victim twice and help hold those negligent accountable for their actions. Contact the Law Offices of J. Robert Davis, P.C. today for a free consultation and learn more about joining the Clorox Pine-Sol class action lawsuit.