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Toxic Exposure

Hazardous chemicals are the tools of the industrial sector. Depending on the nature of the chemical, exposure can cause injury and death.

Many times the unsuspecting person is not aware he or she has been exposed until it is too late. Common sources of exposure can include your drinking water, the air you breath and the products you work or live around. For example, adults, and especially children, are highly susceptible to injuries (including brain disorders) due to lead exposure. In many cases, this occurs at home from ingesting lead based paint chips or inhaling the dust from deteriorating paint on walls and window sills. A lesser known, but equally dangerous cause is cooking, eating and drinking from lead painted pottery and china.

Asbestos, silica, benzene and other toxic materials such as lead paint or mercury can cause injury and death. It is recommended that you receive a yearly check-up from your doctor and take time to explain to your doctor your work history if you have been exposed to toxic materials.

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